Welcome to the home of the Wings of Gray album, Auld Lang Sine 2 Special Release,
which also happens to be my very first album.

Wings of Gray

The distribution ZIP file is 36MB in size, so make sure you really want this
puppy before you hit the link below.

If you are on dial-up and prefer to download the components
individually, or just want to look before you download,
the album contents can be found here:

If you have half as much fun listening to it as I had making it,
then I had twice as much fun making it as you will have listening to it.

I hope you enjoy my first album.

Other Music

WillyPalooza 2005
WillyPalooza is a "virtual benefit concert" for beloved
website administrator, editor-in-chief and member William One Sac. Some of the
members got together and WillyPalooza 2005 was born.

I originally posted a "live" version of the song The Sun Will Rise Again which will be
appearing on my upcoming Roxxor album, but decided to offer a "studio" mix
free of announcements and crowd noise. It's the same source mix as the "live" version
but has had a little "studio magic" added to compress the dynamic range and
enhance the stereo separation.

Majic-WillyPalooza2005-StudioMix1-Master.mp3 (3.5MB)

Please note that the Roxxor version will be somewhat more substantial, have
fewer loop-only parts (such as the drums and bass) and differ in other ways.

This one was a rushed special for Willy. :^)

Wings of Gray album and songs Copyright © 2005,2006 Majic - All Rights Reserved
May be freely copied and distributed for noncommercial purposes
Artwork Copyright © Yoshitoshi ABe
Visit for original work